Built in VPN client - Windows to Vigor Router - PPTP

СНПЧ А7 Пенза, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

a. Remote User Profile Setup ( Teleworker ) : [ for example : Vigor2900V ]

1. In Vigor's web configuration page, click VPN and Remote access Setup -› Remote User Profile Setup (Teleworker).

2. Type in the username and password for this remote dial-in user, then click OK. Now this specified user can dial-in to Vigor router now.

3. When the user successfully dialed in, you may see the connection status in System Management -› VPN Connection Management.

b. Client Settings :

1. Create a New Connection by selecting "Start -› Settings -› Network Connections".

2. Select "Connect to the network at my workplace", then click Next.

3. Select "Virtual Private Network connection", then click Next.

4. Type a name to distinguish this VPN connection, then click Next.

5. Type the IP address or host name of VPN server.

6. Click Finish to complete the wizard initialization.

7. Type the username and password in the pop-up windows, then click "Properties".

8. Select the Networking tab. In the Types of VPN option, select PPTP VPN.

9. Click Connect.

10. Now you can see the authentication process status.

11. Dial-in connection is established.


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