Built in VPN client - Windows Vista to Vigor Router - PPTP

a. Remote User Profile Setup ( Teleworker ) : [ for example : Vigor2910V ]

1. In Vigor's web configuration page, click VPN and Remote Access -> Remote Dial-in User.

2. Type in the username and password for this remote dial-in user, and then click OK. Now this specified user can dial-in to Vigor router now.

3. When the user successfully dialed in, you may see the connection status in VPN and Remote Access >> Connection Management.

b. Windows Vista Settings :

1. From the start menu ; select connect to, then setup a new connection. Please choose "connect to a workplace". Click "Next".

2. Select Use my Internet connect (VPN) for this connection.

3. Input the Vigor router's WAN ip address (, and name this connection.

4. Type the user name and password which should be as same as those defined in the Vigor router.

5. Click Connect. Windows Vista will connect to Vigor router automatically.

6. After you see "Connected" on the screen, you can check the VPN status.

ipconfig Output

Now, you can see a PPP adapter which has an IP address assigned by Vigor 2910. Then you can try to ping router’s LAN ip address to verify the VPN connection.

Ping result


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