How to Use User Management – with Time Quota?

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How to Use User Management – with Time Quota?

In daily life, there are some situations that we have to limit the using time on the Internet. For example, parents might restrict their children 30 minutes to use the Internet once a day everyday. And each child has different using time on the Internet. This note will show basic and advanced setting on time quota on Vigor2920.

There will be two parts in this note:

A. Basic setting on time quota.
B. Scheduling time quota.

Assume there are many children in family. Parents want to have different setting on time quota according to their ages. Before setting time quota, it's important to choose Use-Based mode. Through User-Based Mode, parents can manage children's account. And children must log in their own account separately before using the Internet through User-Based mode. So let's see how to chooseUser-Based Mode. 
First, logging in the port is necessary,


a. Enter the URL :
b. Type User Name and Password. (Both default setting on Username and Password 
are admin)

Seeing this page means starting to set up is acceptable. To choose the User-Based mode,


a. Click User Management
b. Click General Setup
c. Choose Mode to User-Based
d. Press OK button.

Part A. Basic setting on time quota.

For part A, we assume that parents demand children have 30 minutes to use the Internet. After 30 minutes, they cannot access the Internet anymore.

  1. To create a new user,


    a. Enter the URL : 
    b. Click User Management
    c. Click User Profile
    d. Click 3 (Due to Profile 1 and Profile 2 are default setting)

  2. To complete the setting,


    a. Tick the Enable button.
    b. Type UsernamePasswordConfirm Password
    c. Change the Maximum User Login to 1, which means only one user can log in the account at the same time. 
    d. Tick the Enable button.
    e. Type the duration.
    f. Press the “+” button.
    g. Time Quota will change to 30 immediately.
    h. Press the OK button.

  3. Logging in the account is acceptable after setting all parameters. Open the browser, we will see message box like following. PressProceed anyway button.


  4. Please type Username and Password. Then press Login button.


  5. There will be a count-down message box shows time quota like following.


  6. As the message box count to zero, we cannot use the Internet anymore. If we log in our account again, we will see a message box like following. The account cannot access the Internet anymore.


  7. As we see, time quota is zero. If we want to use the Internet again, we have to log in 2920's setting page as an administrator to reset the setting by ourselves.


  8. To use the Internet again,


    a. Press “+” button
    b. Time Quota will change to 30 immediately
    c. Press OK button

    Then, we will have another 30 minutes to surf the Internet. But what if using the Internet is a routine or a habit for us? Should we set time quota by ourselves again and again? So let's check out part B about scheduling time quota.

Part B. Scheduling time quota

For part B, we assume that children can use the Internet at 8:00~12:00 and at 13:00~18:00 on weekdays. Each time they have 30 minutes to use the Internet.

First, we have to set the session 8:00~12:00.

  1. To schedule time quota, click Schedule link.


  2. b-2


  3. To set the parameters,


    a. Tick the Enable button.
    b. Choose
     Start Date(Whenever you want), Start Time(according to the 
    example, it must be 8), and 
    Duration Time(Attention! We have to chose 4 
    since it will be 12 o'clock from 8 o'clock in 4 hours) 
    c. Press 
    OK button.

  4. Now we want to set time session 13:00~18:00
    Please click 
    Schedule link


  5. Click Index 2


  6. Just like the former step we took,


    a. Tick Enable button
    b. Type 
    Start Date(whenever you like), Start Time(according to the example, 
    we have to type 13), 
    Duration Time(Attention! We have to type 5 because it
    will be 18:00 from 13:00 in 5 hours)
    c. Press 
    OK button

  7. Back to User Profile page,


    a. Type 1 and 2(means rule 1 and rule 2 apply to the system)
    b. T
    ype 30(means time quota is 30)
    c. Press “+
    d. Time Quota will show 30 immediately
    e. Tick Enable button
    f. Type 30(means we will have another 30 minutes when running out of time 
    g. Tick Enable button
    h. Press OK button

    Congratulations! All setting is done after these steps. Now logging in the account to use the Internet is acceptable during 8:00~12:00 and 13:00~18:00 on weekdays.