A Quick way to Set IPPBX-the IPPBX Wizard

A Quick way to Set IPPBX-the IPPBX Wizard

For new users to IPPBX, IPPBX Wizard is a simple and quick way to set IPPBX and start to use the service.

There are 3 steps to set IPPBX Wizard, which are :
1. Hunt Group
2. SIP Trunks
3. Office Hours

Following is the step-by-step setting :

  1. Please go to IPPBX Wizard, and you can see the Hunt Group.

1.IPPBX Wizard

Users can define how many groups there will be, and how many extensions will exist in each group. For example, we set three groups as Sales, Hardware, and FAE. 

   a. Please clickIndex 1to start setting.

   b. SetGroup NameasSales.

   c. SetGroup numberas100.

   d. SetNumber of the extension Groupas10.(101-110)

   e. Set a Password. 

   f. Click “OK” to save the setting.

   g. Click Index 2.

   h. SetGroup NameasHardware.

   i. SetGroup numberas200.

   j, Set Number of the extension Group as 10.(201-210)

   k. Set a Password. 

   l: ClickOKto save the setting.

Users can keep following the previous setting to set other groups. After done with setting groups, please clickNextto proceed to the 2ndstep. The screenshot below shows the result of the 3 groups.


  1. Set the SIP Trunks. There are 4 parts of IPPBX Trunks, which are :

   a. SIP Trunk

   b. PSTN Trunk

   c. ISDN Trunk

   d. Custom Trunk

   And IPPBX Wizard only lists out the SIP Trunk for setting. 


IPPBX supports 12 SIP Trunks. Simply set the Profile Name, Domain, Proxy, Account Number, Password, and Trunk number, and you will be able to use the SIP Trunk to make a VoIP call. 

After done with setting SIP Trunk, please click “NEXT” and proceed to step 3 to set theOffice Hour

  1. Office Hour Setup

User can set according to their working time. In the following picture, we set the working time as 08:00~11:59, and 13:00~17:00.

4.Office Hours Setup

Click “Finish” to finish the setting, and the system will be rebooted. 

5.System reboot