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Comment utiliser l'accélération matérielle (Hardware Acceleration)?

How to use Hardware Acceleration?

Support Model :

Hardware Acceleration make use of router's hardware to make packets transmission faster. On Vigor Routers that support Hardware Acceleration (Vigor2925 series and Vigor2860 series with VECTOR firmware). This feature is disabled in the default setting, network administrator can enable Hardware Acceleration with auto or manual mode.


  • Since the accelerated sessions will not be processed by router's CPU, they will by-pass the following features: Bandwidth Management, CSM, Data Flow Monitor, QoS and Traffic Graph.
  • WAN in ADSL mode does not support Hardware Acceleration. And for Vigor2860 series, if WAN1 is enabled, due to hardware limitation, Hardware Acceleration will not apply to outgoing traffic on WAN2.

Auto-Hardware Acceleration

  1. Auto mode, the router will automatically take those TCP sessions with most traffic into hardware accelerator, and thus improve the router's performance. Go to Hardware Acceleration >> Setup, select Mode to Auto, then click OK to apply.

0-enable auto mode  

Auto-Hardware Acceleration to UDP Traffic

Hardware Acceleration will only apply to the heaviest TCP traffic in Auto mode. If you would like the heaviest UDP traffic to be processed by accelerator as well, please go to Hardware Acceleration >> Setup:

  1. Set Mode to "Manual".
  2. Enable TCP and UDP for Protocol.
  3. Select "Accelerate heaviest traffic sessions".
  4. Click OK to apply.

1-apply to UDP  

Hardware Acceleration to Specific Hosts

We can apply Hardware Acceleration to some specific hosts and specific packets only. To do this, please go to Hardware Acceleration >> Setup:

  1. Set Mode to "Manual".
  2. Select the Protocols you would like to apply.
  3. Select "Specific Hosts".
  4. Enable a profile index, enter the range of Destination Port, and click "Choose PC" to specify a private IP address.
  5. Click OK to apply.

2-apply to specific hosts  

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Go to Hardware Acceleration >> Setup, and set the Mode to "Disabled".


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