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How to activate the official license for your VigorACS SI server?

This document demonstrates how to activate an official license for your VigorACS SI server after using the trial license.


  1. Log into your VigorACS SI server. (The default login user name is “root”, and the password is “admin123”).
  2. After login, there will be a pop-up window as below. Click the OK button, and you will be redirected to MyVigor portal automatically.
  3. Log in with your MyVigor account.
  4. After login, the web will show the VigorACS device information page. If it doesn't, please choose My Information on the left side and select the VigorACS device on Your Device List manually.


  5. Click the Add Main Key button and enter license number of the official key, and then click the Add License button.


  6. Confirm the license key details, and click Next.
  7. Read the License Agreement, check the box if you agree, and click Next.


  8. Choose the Activation Date and click Next
    Note: If you would like to give up the trial license and activate the official license right away, please select Activation Date as the current date.
  9. Check the Activation Date again, then click Confirm.


  10. If the activation date is the current date, there will be a notice says that the trial license will be invalid, click OK to continue.
  11. Now the official key is activated, you may click the Login to ACS button to log into your VigorACS SI server to check the license status.


  12. After clicking the Login to ACS button, the ACS server will download the main license automatically, and you may log into your ACS server and check the license status.
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