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How to Configure 3G/4G Modem?

How to Configure 3G/4G Modem?

In this note, we will demonstrate detailed configuration steps for 3G/4G USB Modem.

Before configuring, please go to WAN >> General Setup to enable WAN3 for USB Modem.



In the following contents, we will demonstrate into 2 parts:

Part A. 3G/4G PPP Mode

  1. Choose 3G/4G USB Modem(PPP mode) and click Details Page.
  2. Please tick Enable, type APN Name and press Apply.

  3.  APN will be applied to Modem Initial String.

    If the ISP gives the modem initial string but APN, we may input the modem initial string (i.e., AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","internet") directly. Furthermore, if the SIM card has been applied with PIN code, it’s required to type PIN code as well.

  4.  Please go to Online Status to check the connection status.6


Part B. 4G DHCP Mode

  1. Please go to WAN >> Internet Access. Choose 4G USB Modem(DHCP mode) and press Details Page.
  2.  Please tick Enable and type APN Name.
  3.  Please go to Online Status to check the connection status.
    2013-12-25 1537051

Note: Different icon identifies different mode.

 ppp : PPP mode

  dhcp: DHCP mode

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