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VPN PPTP depuis le client Windows Smart VPN vers un routeur Vigor
VPN PPTP depuis le client Windows Smart VPN vers un routeur Vigor

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    Ce document explique la configuration d’un routeur Vigor en tant que serveur VPN PPTP pour Windows avec le client SmartVPN et la manière d’établir une connexion VPN PPTP depuis Windows vers le réseau privé du routeur Vigor.

    • Vigor

    1. Go to VPN and Remote Access >> Remote Dial-In User, and click an available index number to edit the profile.

    2. Check Enable this account, enter username and password, make sure you have enabled “PPTP” in Allowed Dial-in Type.

    And the router is ready for VPN connections.

    Establish the VPN from Windows Smart VPN Client

    3. Launch Smart VPN Client, go to Profiles and click Add.

    4. Edit the profile as follows:

    • Input Profile Name
    • At Server Information, select PPTP for type
    • Input the router’s WAN IP or hostname at IP or Hostname
    • At Login Information, select Username and Password for Authentication Type
    • (optional) Input username and password as the same as in step 2.
    • Click OK to save.

    5. Go to the Connection tab, select the profile we just created at Active Profile, and switch on Connect. It will ask for credentials, input the username and password in step 2, then click OK to start the connection.

    After VPN is successfully connected, we can check VPN status form the router at VPN and Remote Access >> Connection Management.

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