VPN PPTP à partir de Ubuntu vers routeur Vigor
VPN PPTP à partir de Ubuntu vers routeur Vigor

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    This article demonstrates how to set up Vigor Router as a PPTP VPN server for Ubuntu, and how to establish a PPTP VPN from Ubuntu to the private network of Vigor Router.

    • DrayOS

    1. Go to VPN and Remote Access >> Remote Dial-In User, and click an available index number to edit the profile.

    2. Check Enable this account, enter username and password, make sure you have enabled “PPTP” in Allowed Dial-in Type.

    And the router is ready for the VPN connection.

    Establish the VPN from Ubuntu

    1. Open System Settings >> Network

    2. Click ‘+‘ to create a new VPN interface.

    3. Select “PPTP” for VPN connection type

    4. Enter Gateway, which is the IP or domain of the router, and username and password created on Vigor router.

    5. Click Advanced, select “Use Point-to-Point encryption (MPPE)” to have higher security. Then, click OK.

    6. Switch ON the VPN connection.

    After VPN is successfully connected, we can check VPN status form the router at VPN and Remote Access >> Connection Management.

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